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HIBINOKURASHI (Daily life in Japanese) is an online shop that sells Japanese folk art vessels.Ceramics, hand-blown glasses, lacquerwares, woodworking, Hand woven items as knottings, etc. are found in Iwate, Akita, and Fukushima in the north. We directly visit and purchase pottery from potteries scattered throughout Japan, as far south as Okinawa.

HIBINOKURASHI was started as an online shop in 2011 by Mr,Hiroo ISHIHARA who is a systems engineer, and his wife Mrs,Fumiko ISHIHARA who worked in the French luxury fashion industry. Originally,Fumiko, who loves crafts and respect crafts man work, wanted to start her own pottery shop, so all of the potteries she randomly selected were so-called folk pottery potteries. Whether or not it is MINGEI depends on the spirit of the person making it, and it is not something that can be easily drawn, but it seems that he ended up being drawn to MINGEI as a result.

Our criteria for deciding whether or not to handle something is whether or not it appeals to our hearts. Beautiful or not? And whether or not it becomes fun just by having that. The criteria for determining beauty differs from person to person, so it might be better to say that what we think is beautiful is what we think is beautiful.We believe that simply having something fun and appealing in your daily life can change your mindset. It's hard to say it's enriching, but it somehow makes your heart feel better. You can forget about your daily worries even for a moment. We wish You had something like that in your everyday life.

The utensils change as they are used daily. The color of juice or drink enters the penetration, giving it an indescribable vintage look.We hope you enjoy the beauty that is added to the vessel over time. Also, since it is made of ceramic, it may chip. You can use it for KINTSUGI (repair with Japanese lacquer), or you can change its purpose and enjoy making it into flower pots or tiles. Overseas, chipped plates appear on dining tables, and they are passed down to the next generation in families, along with memories. There are even castles, houses, and museums made from broken glass and pottery. We hope that you will be able to enjoy the vessel you have purchased for a long time to come.

In April 2013, we opened a boutique called KOGEI KEATON in Kamimachi, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. This is the place where SETAGAYA BOROICHI (Setagaya Flea market), which has a long history, is held. Although it is along Setagaya Street, not so far from Shibuya by bus or train.It is located in a residential area where the Setagaya Line streetcar runs. Please stop by if you are in the area.

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